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LLCs, Partnerships & Corporate Law

Fanger & Associates LLC, An Ohio Law Firm

Trying to determine the best business legal entity for your industry?

Don't know if a non-competition agreement is enforceable against your employees?

Want to know how best to protect your company's trade secrets and intellectual property?

Fanger & Associates LLC has represented businesses in a variety of matters including contractual drafting, negotiations, formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

At Fanger & Associates LLC we have the experience and knowledge to help you set your business up on the right foundation. If you need a limited liability company, a limited partnership, a traditional partnership, a professional corporation, an S or C corporation or a non-profit association we can help.

Whether you need a corporate charter, bylaws, help in drafting a comprehensive business plan or simply a new sales contract, our office has the experience and knowledge you need to build your business.

And when it is time for your corporation to change because of growth, the loss of a major shareholder or economic conditions we can facilitate these changes in a positive manner.

Do you have a question regarding LLCs, Partnerships, and Corporate Law that you'd like to discuss?

Our initial consultation does not cost you anything, and there is no obligation. If you have any questions regarding how to help you protect the business you have worked so hard to earn,call us at 216-382-0025 or contact us today.