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Intellectual Property

Fanger & Associates LLC, An Ohio Law Firm

Fanger & Associates LLC can help you protect your trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.

We have protected our clients with non-competition and non-disclosure agreements as well as other intellectual property protections.

Whether you need a federal trademark, or want to register a copyright, call us to learn how we can help protect your intellectual property.

More and more of our clients have issues with regards to intellectual property rights. We have assisted mechanical engineers, computer consultants, and even restaurants with intellectual property issues.

Preventative action is the key to avoiding expensive litigation, so contact us to learn more.

Do you have a question about intellectual property that you'd like to discuss?

Our initial consultation does not cost you anything, and there is no obligation. Today's businesses have more intellectual property issues than ever before. If you have any questions regarding how to avoid expensive litigation to your interests and protect these ever changing rights, call us at 216-382-0025 or contact us today.