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Fanger & Associates LLC, An Ohio Law Firm

Contracts are the paper that govern virtually every transaction in which your business is involved. Whether it’s employees, sales agreements, real estate leases, computer leases, or a host of other contractual agreements, your business will deal with contracts virtually every day. Are you sure you are fully protecting your rights?

Whether you simply need a contract review or a completely new form sales agreement we can help.

Many of our clients call us to review and/or draft their contracts. By working together to ensure that your needs are met we can help you achieve your contractual goals as well as protect you from unforeseen consequences.

Often we can cost effectively prepare standardized contracts for your business and for use by your employees.

To learn more about business transactions and contracts don't forget to visit our Free Legal Information area and download the article on Business Transactions. This helpful article will provide you with information every small business owner should know.

Do you have a question about contracts that you'd you'd like to discuss with an experienced attorney?

Our initial consultation does not cost you anything, and there is no obligation. If you have any questions regarding how to best protect your interests call us at 216-382-0025, or contact us today. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.