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Foreclosure Defense

Nicholas P. Weiss, Esq.

Foreclosure complaints allege that a borrower executed a note that a plaintiff now owns or has the right to enforce, that the note is secured by a mortgage on the subject property, and that the borrowers have defaulted on the loan.


Nicholas P. Weiss, Esq.

An adoption is the legal process of taking another person’s child into your own family, treating the child as your own, and giving the child all the rights and duties of your own child.

Adoptions can be a confusing, trying, but ultimately rewarding experience.

Employee Rights

Jeffrey Fanger, Esq.

Wrongful Termination
Employment Discrimination
FMLA Violations
Wage Violations

Losing a job, is bad enough. Losing a job because your employer violated your rights is terrible.
Whether a result of age, race or gender discrimination, violation of your right to take Family and Medical Leave, or violation of your rights to appropriate pay and overtime compensation, you are not alone.

Personal Injury – What To Do?

Gerry Davidson, Esq.

Have you ever suffered an injury from a traumatic incident, such as a car accident, dog bite, bicycle accident, injured as a pedestrian, slip-and-fall, etc.?

It is important that the proper reporting agency be immediately notified, including making a police accident report, store incident report, contacting the responsible parties’ liability insurance carrier, or your own insurance carrier should the other party not have such insurance.

The Most Important Gift

By Michael A. Parente

The holiday season is upon us and that means time with friends and family, holiday traditions, and braving the stores for all of your holiday gifting. But have you thought about the most important gift, the one that includes the culmination of a lifetime of hard work? An up-to-date Last Will and Testament or Living Trust should be on your list this holiday season.

Ohio’s New Use Tax Amnesty Program

Guidelines for Businesses
The new Ohio use tax amnesty program was passed in early July 2011 as part of the new Ohio budget. It is scheduled to start October 1st and end May 2013, which will give businesses more than a year to pay the use taxes if they haven't already been paid.

Jeffrey J. Fanger presents at NBI Seminar – “Tax Exempt Organizations from Start to Finish.”

By Larissa Martin

Do you have a firm understanding of the accountability standards and requirements of tax-exempt organizations? Would you like to develop a more thorough understanding of establishing and operating tax-exempt organizations or the ability to advise your clients more effectively in this process?

Jeffrey J. Fanger will be presenting at the National Business Institute’s 2011 Fall Seminar – “Tax Exempt Organizations from Start to Finish” in Independence, Ohio.