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The Fanger & Associates Difference

Our Commitment To You

  • Primary Contact Attorney – At Fanger & Associates LLC every client is assigned a primary contact attorney. This is the attorney who oversees all of the staff and work on your projects. This attorney serves as your primary contact at our firm and will get to know your unique needs and wishes. While we are proud of our Team Approach, which ensures prompt responses and lower costs, we know that you want to be sure that there is one person at our firm that is managing all of your legal needs.​​​​​
  • Team Approach – Fanger & Associates LLC uses a team approach for all legal matters. By using a team headed up by your Primary Contact Attorney, we are able to serve you better. Although the teams changes depending on your particular legal needs, teams are often composed of paralegals, support staff and one or more attorneys that have skills in the areas you need. Additionally, teams are set up based on your legal needs and issues. A team can be formed for one project and different team members can come together to work on a different project. In this way you have the benefit of a variety of skills and services all overseen by your Primary Contact Attorney.​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Telephone Call Log – At Fanger & Associates LLC, our proprietary telephone log system ensures that your calls are promptly responded to, usually by the next business day. Every business day our attorneys and paralegals receive a log of all of their phone messages. These messages are organized so that management knows whether or not you have received a prompt return call. Your message stays on the list until it is responded to, ensuring that your message is not lost or forgotten. In fact we archive the text summary message permanently and can access it at any time.
  • ​​​​​Detailed Monthly Invoices – At Fanger & Associates LLC we provide you with a regular update of activities on your case or legal issue. There is no reason you should be in the dark for months wondering what your attorney is doing. Our regular detailed invoices ensure you know exactly what work is being done and when so that you can better manage the costs and services.
  • ​​​​​Customer Contact – At Fanger & Associates LLC we have developed and designed our own in-house client database system. This proprietary software integrates your telephone messages, emails, invoices, contact information, files, documents and various legal projects and tasks so that we can provide you more integrated information and faster responses to your questions, while helping us to stay on top of all of your legal needs in an efficient and timely fashion.
  • ​​​​​Monthly Newsletters – Our office publishes a variety of monthly email newsletters tailored to our various practice areas to keep you up to date on developments that affect your legal interests as well as general information regarding our firm.
  • Document Communication – At Fanger & Associates LLC we keep you informed on your case and legal issues by copying you on correspondence, documents we receive and information for your review. We forward documents to you via the U.S. Mail or email, whichever you prefer, so that you get the information you need to make informed decisions.​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Digital Files – Our office is proud of the fact that we maintain not only a traditional paper file but also all of our clients’ files are stored digitally. This means that we can access your files through our secure network from any secure internet connection in the world ensuring that no matter where your attorney is located, they have access to your information and can better address your needs faster and more attentively. Additionally, your files are stored and backed up in multiple ways and saved at multiple locations to ensure the safety and security of your records.
  • Processing Center – We maintain a state of the art processing center where each day all of the mail and documents that we receive are converted to digital files and forwarded to the appropriate staff person electronically as well as filed in your digital file. Our Processing Center ensures that all of the appropriate staff and professionals at our office are current on the developments of your legal matter. Routing paper files and letters simply is too slow in today’s digital world. This digital interface provides us with full digital copies of all the files so that we are able to respond to your needs faster and more efficiently than many other law firms.​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Task System – Our proprietary Task System has been developed to help save you time and money. By implementing a computerized project management system and applying it to all of our customers’ projects whether large or small, you are assured that your needs are being addressed in both a timely and a cost effective manner. There is no reason for you to pay for an attorney to send you a copy of a document, or to forward a form to you to complete when a much less expensive support staff person can handle that request. Our unique Task System helps ensure that the right staff person is doing the right task thereby saving you money while getting faster responses. The Task System, like our proprietary database Customer Contact is only available at Fanger & Associates LLC.

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